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Multiple Choice Questions:

Each question is for 1 mark

1.   Unit of Traffic intensity is  
a) Earlang                                                                        b) bps
c) Bytes                                                                           d) None of these

2.  Cell splitting increases the capacity of cellular system since it increases the number of times that ----------- are reused.

a) Frequencies          b) Times            c) channels             d) none of these  

3.  Which mobile generation technology is EDGE:

a)2G                        b) 3G                       c) 2.5G                         d) 1G

4.  1 Terra Hz is equal to :

 a) 1 KHz x 1 GHz                        b) 1 kHz x 1 PHz                                      
     c) 1 kHz x 1 MHz                        d) 1 GHz x 1 MHz                                       

5.  CDMA is applied in :

a) Physical layer                                        b) Network layer
c) MAC layer                                             d) Transport layer

6.   Handoff effects in:

a)  Call dropping                                       b) Temporary disconnection
c) Call termination                                    d) maybe all

7. Spectrum of a signal between 3 MHz and 4 MHz. what is its bandwidth:

a)1 MHz                  b) 10 MHz                   c) 4MHz                     d) 7 MHz

 8. Cordless Telephone standard is:
    a) GSM                    b) DECT                      c) PDC             d) none of these

 9. GSM phone works on:

a) TDMA Technology              b) CDMA Technology                                      
    c) Both TDMA and FDMA combined   d) none of these                                   

10. GSM system has:

a) 120 pair of channels                               b) 124 pair of channels                                                         
c)  128 pair of channels                                 d) 100 pair of channels

Short Answer Type Questions

Each question is for 5 marks

1. Explain in details the concept of frequency reuse in cellular systems?
2. What is the log distance path loss model?
3. What is handoff? How is Handoff different from roaming?
4. Explain how handover takes place in GSM technology. What are the limitations associated with handover in GSM?
5.  Explain about the cordless telephone system?
6. Write a short note on 3G network.

Long Answer Type Questions

Each question is for 15 marks

1. What are the Advantages of TDMA over CDMA. Write a short note on working principle of GPRS Network. (7+8)
2. a) What do you mean by CDMA. What is the Difference  between GSM and CDMA.   (b) Prove that for a hexagonal geometry, the co-channel reuse ratio is given by Q = (3N), Where N = i2 + ij +j2    (5+10)

3. What are the disadvantages of TDMA over CDMA. Write a short note on GSM network. (7+8)

4. a) Discuss about different types of base station antenna. What are the different types of antennas used in mobile handset unit.
(b) Show that the frequency re-use factor for a cellular system is given by “k/s”.   
Where, k is the average number of channels per cell
      s is the total number of channels available to the cellular service provider.  (5+10)

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